10-05-2017 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes For Cambridge Recreation  Board Meeting 10/05/17

Location & Time:  Cambridge Town Office @ 6:30PM EST

Meeting Attendees: 

  • Eric Small
  • Howard Davis
  • Tim Soutiere
  • Jon Pinault

Meeting Minutes:

1) Review last month’s minutes

  • meeting was cancelled due to unforeseen schedule conflicts 

2) Cambridge Health Center Softball Field Maintenance

  • 9/23 field maintenance was postponed due to unforeseen volunteer resource constraints
  • CRB would like to consider increasing the scope of the field maintenance and determine if a professional service needs to be hired in the spring

3)  Progress on Dugout Project

  • postponed until the spring due to contractor schedules
  • targeting concrete slabs to be poured by early spring
  • Tech Center to build dugouts in 2-3 days in the spring

4)  Board Chairman

  • Due to other commitments, Eric Small will be stepping down from Chairman in November
  • Eric will remain an active board member.  Thank you!
  • The CRB will review the transition plan during next month’s meeting

5) 2018 Budget & Budget Request Forms

  • forms were reviewed
  • forms will be posted on Front Porch Forum, listed on the Cambridge Recreation website, and will be distributed to sport program leads and other groups that are seeking any funding during 2018
  • Forms to be posted by October 13th and will need to be returned by November 9th

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