05-10-2018 Meeting Minutes

Cambridge Recreation Board Meeting

Date & Time: Thursday May 10, 2018 @ 6:30PM

Location:  Cambridge Town Offices

Meeting Started @ 6:39PM

Meeting Adjourned @ 7:37 PM

Meeting Attendees:

Board Members:

  • Eric Small
  • Jeff Spring
  • Tim Soutiere
  • Jon Pinault
  • Kevin White
  • Kate Clark


  • Emily Boek

Meeting Minutes:

Review Past Month’s Meeting Minutes

  • Minutes Approved

Review Progress on the Field Repair

  • Baseball field repair has been completed
  • Softball field to be rototilled this weekend; field repair will be done once complete
  • VTC dug out work on minor’s field to start on Monday 5/14.  Anticipated 2 day job.
  • Tim outlining projected field maintenance schedule for review

Summer Goals

  • Promote Rail Trail Bikeathon taking place on Sun 5/27 which supports Veterans Assoc., friends of Rail trail, Cambridge Rotary, and VAST
  • CRB wants to add to the number of recreational opportunities offered during “Cambridge Days”
    • Board members to work with local businesses  to see who would like to participate
      • Smuggs – (Jon)
      • Bootlegger Bikes – (Jon)
      • Cambridge Community Center – (Eric)
      • Bakersfield golf – (Eric)
      • Boat/Kayak Outfits – (Emily)

Past Due Invoice Clean Up

  • Abbey Group – payment resolved
  • Senior Task Force seeking reimbursement payment ($297) for Flynn Tix and centerpieces for December outing
  • SD Ireland – need to resolve tax included in dugout slab invoice (should be tax exempt)
  • $500 allocation to PTA needs to be paid

Treasurer Authorization to Sign Off On Invoices

  • Now that Rec Board no longer issues payment for invoices as this is now a function of the town, there is new process and procedure which is as follows:
    • 1. All requests for payment must be accompanied by invoices which are signed by the chair (unless you authorize your treasurer to sign and submit, recorded in the minutes of a regularly scheduled board meeting). Requests for reimbursement which involve cash transactions must include receipts, and an accounting for funds-in / funds-out.
    • 2.      The town will pay invoices on a 30 day schedule, as warrants for all town expenditures must be approved by the Select board, generally at their regularly scheduled meeting. This is mandated by state statute (1 V.S.A. § 172). This means that you can no longer enter into “payment on demand” agreements with vendors. You must inform them of the 30 day payment window, and inform each vendor that we do not pay state sales tax as a non-profit government entity. We can supply a S-3 tax exempt form upon request.
    • 3.      Requests for replacement checks must include the date and amount of the original check.
    • 4.      You need to turn over the banking records of the closed Recreation Board checking account to our office, for record retention and storage purposes. This was a town account, even though it was controlled by the treasurer of your board.
  • Cambridge Rec Board (CRB)  unanimously voted to allow CRB Treasurer to sign invoices that need to be submitted to the town

Other Business As Needed

  • Eric Small announced that he will be resigning in July as the Chairman of the CRB
  • Pam Davis and Howard Davis have also announced that they have resigned from the CRB.
  • CRB unanimously voted and would like to recommend that Emily Boek join as a CRB member
  • CRB needs to align with town on who will be managing CRB books moving forward

Next CRB meeting will be Thurs 6/07/18 @ 6:30PM

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