02-02-2017 Meeting Minutes

Cambridge Recreation Meeting

February 2, 2017


Present: Eric Small, Becky Tisbert, Tim Soutiere, Kate Clark, Mark Schilling, and John Pinault

Mark advised the Town of Cambridge had switched insurance carriers and Vermont League-Cities and Towns has required that the Town of Cambridge be listed as an additional insured on the certificates of insurance that we need to provide. This will apply to all boards and clubs here in town. Mark also relayed the insurance carrier’s concerns and the Vermont State Health Department regarding our snack shack if we are cooking anything “hot”. We will address that issue when we get there.

The storage container that we will get will be a temporary unit, as the select board would like to see a more permanent structure, naturally we agree. To do this we will need a LOMA for our permanent structure, which can cost $2400.00.  Eric will reach out to Tom Woeziniack when he returns this spring.

Elisha Hall has forwarded information for Cambridge Youth Baseball sign-ups for us to place on cambridgerecreation.com and this has now been added.

Our first project this year will be the dugouts for the Little League field at the school in Jeffersonville.  Eric asked Kate to reach out to Greg Stokes, the Building Trades educator at Green Mountain Technology and Career Center to see if they would have time to take on this project. Tim advised he would research the dirt work.

We would like to invite a Cambridge Youth Soccer board member to attend our next meeting on March 2, 2017 at 6:30PM at the town offices.

Kate will research a “senior activity” for members of our community to attend in March. Someone will reach out to Bert’s Boats to see if he can shuttle the seniors to the activity.

John Pinault has expressed interest in becoming a new member; we have welcomed him aboard.

Meeting adjourned 7:49PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Kate McCuin Clark

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