01-11-2018 Meeting Agenda

Agenda For Cambridge Recreation

January 11th, Thursday at 6:15 p.m.

Meeting will be held at 307 Bartlett Hill Road

  • Recap of Finance Committee meeting
  • Discussion and follow up after talking with the Select Board
  • Do we have to wait until March to allocate $ for 2018 budget requests?
  • Will the Rec Board need adequate representation at Town Meeting Day to defend our budget requests?
  • Follow up with John Dunn about the status of the budget approval
  • Finance Committee discussed streamlining finance allocation process and called out some specific entities such as Cambridge Connections asking them to go straight to the finance committee with their consolidated budget requests. What does this mean for the Rec Board? Are we being removed from the equation?
  • Ski Program Sign Ups
    • – Head count
    • – Next Steps and communications to the community

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